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A trans masc resource, designed to help with trans inclusive events, education and providing safe spaces where people can shine.  

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If you're looking for some custom art, drop me a line. You can check out some of my stuff over on instagram.


Support on areas like body shaping for dysphoria, self-actualisation and factual information on medical pathways for trans masc people.

Events and Consultancy

Are you part of an organisation looking for someone to help guide you with policy, offer educational talks or provide a wellbeing event?

Unapologetically Expansive

Spotlighting speakers of trans experience, and offering expertise to help the trans community. I want to bring the LGBT+ community together, so that misconceptions about trans people are quashed and we can work together for a more expansive and inclusive world. I want workplaces to celebrate diversity and innovation. Most of all, I want each person who comes here or who I meet, to take something from their experience, and use it to transform their lives and themselves. I want people to be able to actualise themselves and experience the joy of knowing how utterly magificent it is to embrace all of who they are.

Blog Posts

Fear of the Gym

​Are you terrified of going to the gym? Does the idea of walking into that space create a sense of utter dread and despair? Is this fear eating your motivation and impeding your progress? If this is you, read on… I’ll also take you through different gym types, and some

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Masculine Bodies: V-Taper

Trans men, trans masculine individuals and cisgender men alike often strive for a particular body type that enhances the visual appearance of masculinity. If you’re in this boat, then this post is for you.Masculine bodies come in all shapes and sizes – and there is no single ‘right’ body type.

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Keeping your Health on Lockdown

​We're nearing the summer of 2020, and whilst once upon a time ​we might be working on our beach bods...most of us have been working on our 'please don't let the stress eat my soul' bods instead. Who needs a backyard beach bod anyway?  ​What does 'stress body' look like?

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