Fear of the Gym

10 Nov

​Are you terrified of going to the gym? Does the idea of walking into that space create a sense of utter dread and despair? Is this fear eating your motivation and impeding your progress? If this is you, read on… I’ll … Read More »

Masculine Bodies: V-Taper

8 Jul
cobra snake

Trans men, trans masculine individuals and cisgender men alike often strive for a particular body type that enhances the visual appearance of masculinity. If you’re in this boat, then this post is for you. Masculine bodies come in all shapes and … Read More »

Keeping your Health on Lockdown

26 May

​We’re nearing the summer of 2020, and whilst once upon a time ​we might be working on our beach bods…most of us have been working on our ‘please don’t let the stress eat my soul’ bods instead. Who needs a … Read More »

3 Keys to Fat Loss

7 Jan

Some of you will ​need to lose weight for surgery. Some will want or need to lose weight for health reasons. Others may have decided they want to lose weight for an aesthetic reason.  Whatever your reason, I’m going to … Read More »