Recommended Resources

If you're looking for information and advice on being trans, I have listed some of my favourite experts and people I enjoy reading for you below.

Finlay J Games

Finn is a gay trans man who advocates for trans rights and positive mental health. He is approachable, real and extremely kind. He blogged through his transition, and many of us looked to him for signs of joy as we began our own journies. Finn recently wrote a book to demystify phalloplasty and is available for talks, having even done a TED talk himself!

Schuyler Bailar

The first trans athlete to compete for an NCAA D1 men's team and included in Nike's BeTrue pride campaign. Schuyler wrote a book about a trans swimmer, because when he came out, a google for people like himself came up with nothing. He is on a constant mission to educate and offer a better understanding of why social activist movements are happening, and why you should get involved. 

Rain Dove

A non-binary supermodel, Rain represents 'human' in film, media and advocacy. Rain works tirelessly to provide positivity and love in the world. They respond to innumerable personal messages, taking it upon themselves to ensure people who get in touch are never left unheard. They have been involved in supporting new trans healthcare brands, and helped set up a call line when you can just leave any message and they will listen, so you know someone hears your voice. They are also part of vanywhere - a project that allows you to get in touch with rain when they're online, and they will chat to you. They also teach classes, which come up at random via their social media.

My Genderation- Fox, Owl and Lewis

Fox and Owl are non-binary advocates in their own right, and together with Lewis Handcox (great trans comedian) formed My Genderation, an organisation that makes films about trans people, by trans people, for everyone. Fox also makes art. This organisation shows wonderfully how stories told by people who have lived experience, demonstrate a powerful truth and obliterate the misinformation from people who tried to speak for others. My Genderation is constantly expanding, and offers talks and education when called upon to do so. Fox and Owl are frequently seen on UK media, as is Lewis, advocating for trans rights. 

Campbell X

An award winning queer film maker - Stud Life, VISIBLE, DES!RE, Spectrum London Different for Girls. Campbell appears on panels across the country where he offers intersectional views and especially insightful commentary on the black queer gaze in film and television. 

Alok Vaid-Manon

Alok is a writer and gender non-conforming advocate. They are non-binary and often contribute to podcasts and panels where they speak about the gender binary, colonialism and the politics of hair and feminism. Their perspective is one we often don't hear, and they are unashamedly themselves at all times. Alok writes with beautiful intensity, that helps poetically crack your fixed views.

Jude Ellison Doyle

Jude is a non-binary, masculine, feminist writer. They have authored a number of books and launched a number of successul media campaigns. Their writing is often raw and touching, but always with a trademark humour that makes their feeds and offerings a joy to be around.

Trans Actual

Founded by a group of trans people in 2017, Trans Actual focusses on spreading factual information from the trans community to uplift and educate.  

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